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出れんの!?サマソニ!? 2023 (DERENNO!? SAMASONI!? 2023 / Audition for SUMMER SONIC)

出れんの!?サマソニ!?(DERENNO !?SAMASONI !? / Audition for SUMMER SONIC)to the world! This audition is a stepping stone to overseas expansion!

The artists who win the final audition will not only get the right to perform at "SUMMER SONIC 2023", but will also be selected for various music festivals and overseas events organized by Creative Man Productions, as well as support acts for overseas artists' performances in Japan. In addition, we will explore the possibility of an exclusive/agent contract with SPACE ODD MANAGEMENT, the management division of Creative Man Productions, to which artists such as Donguri Zu, MÖSHI, Doul, and Taiwan's ØZI belong, who are active beyond national borders.

And continuing on from last year, a management and label company Jisedai Inc.
within Sony Music, Inc. to which Creepy Nuts, CHAI, and Hitsujibungaku belong, will also participate in the audition and sign a nurturing contract for music activities in Japan and abroad.
In addition, eplus Inc. from the start of the first round of the project,出れんの!?サマソニ!?(DERENNO !?SAMASONI !? / Audition for SUMMER SONIC)has been involved in the SUMMER SONIC project since its inception, will utilize to support activities tailored to each artist's musical style.

With the passage of time, anyone can send their music to the world from anywhere to the world! "出れんの!?サマソニ!?(DERENNO !?SAMASONI !? / Audition for SUMMER SONIC)to the world!" is the slogan for us.
We are looking forward to discovering artists who can be active on the global stage!

We are looking forward to meeting you who will bring "SUMMER SONIC 2023" with great success together and play a key role in the music scene of the future.
Wish to be on a big stage. Wish to bring music to the world.
Whatever your reason may be, we are here to support you. We are looking forward to hearing from you so that we can provide the best support for each artist.

How to apply

Please fill out the application form on our official website and click the "Send" button.

  • ※No affiliation with an agency or label is required.
  • ※We do not accept applications with sound or video data.
Application Closed


4/3 (Mon.) 18:00 - 4/24 (Mon.) 17:00
1st judging
Sound and visual screening period
2nd judging

Osaka: 5/13 (Sat), 5/14 (Sun)
Tokyo: 5/20 (Sat), 5/21 (Sun), 6/3 (Sat)
Sapporo:5/27 (Sat)
Nagoya: 5/28 (Sun)

Studio Screening

Final judging
6/29(Thu), 6/30(Fri)
- SPACE ODD, Daikanyama, Tokyo −
8/19(Sat), 20(Sun)

Application Requirements

No age limit.
No restrictions on genre or form.
Applicants must be able to participate in both the final live screening and the main event of SUMMER SONIC.