出れんの!?サマソニ!? 2023 (DERENNO!? SAMASONI!? 2023 / Audition for SUMMER SONIC)


Audition project "出れんの!?サマソニ!? 2023 (DERENNO!? SAMASONI!? 2023)",
the finalists will be selected from among the finalists.
The finalists were selected from among the finalists of the audition project SUMMER SONIC!
After a rigorous selection process, a total of 12 artists,
8 from Tokyo and 4 from Osaka, have been chosen to perform.


  • PACIFIC STAGEp.m. 7:30 -


    Met and formed during a session on the streets of Shibuya in 2019.

    Featured in Love Music "Fuji TV" Newcomer Corner in 2021
    2022 Participated in large-scale festivals such as MIND TRAVEL, Ringo Music Festival 2022, FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'22, GFB'22 (Tsukuba Rock Festival), Scramble Fes 2022, RUSH BULL 2022, Yatsui Fest 2022

    Year 2023

    They will perform on the RED MARQUEE stage at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'23 and also participate in METROCK OSAKA.
    They are scheduled to hold a one-man tour in Osaka on 9/8 and in Tokyo on 9/15.
    The band's genre-less musicality is a mixture of Altanative Rock, Soul, Hiphop, Electro, etc., and their live performances are characterized by their pursuit of realism, which they create while playing JAM.
    The band's name was changed from AGE, which originally meant "expressing contemporariness," to 鋭児(Eiji) in 2021.
    鋭児(Eiji) is the name of the respected grandfather of Kyoichi.


  • SONIC STAGEa.m. 10:05 -


    'Heavy metal is back!!!'
    MELT4 was formed in 2017 by high school classmates Satoru (Vo/Gt) and Onji (Gt). The four-piece band plays one-of-a-kind rock with a musicality that beautifully sublimates "straightforward Japanese lyrics," "deadly riffs," and "passionate melodies.

    In 2021, he was successfully selected out of a total of 5,000 artists in an audition for the right to perform at Japan's largest rock festival, "FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'21", and performed at the festival. In addition to "Palm of the Hand to the Sun", a cover of a classic song officially approved by the original family, and "Lemon Tea", a cover of Sheena & The Rokkets, he has released "Fire", a collaboration with the legendary guitarist Shikabane Snake, and is currently expanding his activities widely, regardless of genre. This June, they will be the first Japanese band to perform at the Rock Imperium Festival, a rock festival where world-class bands such as KISS and DEEP PURPLE gather!

    After returning to Japan, he toured Japan with BLOODYWOOD, a heavy metal band representing India.

  • PACIFIC STAGEa.m. 9:15 -


    Apes is a Tokyo-based rock band.
    Formed in 2017 by Reine Sakai (Vo/Gt) in the light music department of his high school. In 2021, the band won the Grand Prix among more than 1,000 applicants at the first "GoTo Audition" held by Next Generation Co. In March 2022, they released their first EP "Catchall" and in April 2023, their first full album "PUR".

    The band features an alternative sound that has absorbed influences from a wide range of music, both Western and Japanese, and songs that are nostalgic yet bursting with newness and individuality. The band's live performance is characterized by a roaring sound and a fast and furious pace.

  • Spotify RADAR: Early Noise Stagea.m. 10:30 -


    redmarker was formed in 2022. We are a three-piece rock band based in Tokyo, aiming for the sea. We are a three-piece band, which would not be possible without one member, and we risk our lives and souls to create a spectacular sound.

  • Spotify RADAR: Early Noise Stagea.m. 11:30 -


    A five-piece immersive art rock band based in Tokyo.


  • SONIC STAGEa.m. 9:30 -


    April 5, 2022, full-fledged start. After announcing the start of their activities, they released their 1st Digital Single "Signal Fireworks" on August 25, 2022. The high degree of perfection of the song attracted the audience, and it was selected as the tie-up song for the late-night version of TV Asahi affiliate YTS Yamagata Television's "Do~anna Weather" in September 2022. After releasing their 2nd Digital Single "Story Monster" on February 22, 2023, they began to attract attention from people in the music industry in various regions, and made numerous appearances at circuit festivals, causing a phenomenon where many people lined up outside due to admission restrictions to see トンボコープ. On April 26, they released their 3rd Digital Single "Now is the best! was released. When they held their first independent event "Dragonfly Coop pre. 1 year anniversary live "Now is the best! The tickets were SOLD OUT one month before the event. Since then, "Now is the best!!!" has been spreading through word of mouth on SNS, especially among the younger generation. has since spread by word of mouth among the young generation, and has ranked No. 1 on Spotify's "Viral Top 50 - Japan" weekly chart for two weeks in a row. In their first year of existence, the band has been gaining momentum over other artists.

  • PACIFIC STAGEa.m. 9:30 -


    I really want to quit wearing sandals soon.
    I'm a sparkling magical ultra-super sandal band!
    You and I are in love. ❗️

  • Spotify RADAR: Early Noise Stagea.m. 11:50 -


    カラコルムの山々 is a four-piece cinematic rock band based in Shibuya and Shimokitazawa. They aim to establish a new genre with their music that has a cinematic grandeur and narrative quality. Their music incorporates diverse genres such as jazz, songs, techno, and hip-hop, and expresses any scenery. Fantastic and realistic stories of imaginary worlds are sung over looped music, with striking and nostalgic hooks that reinforce their persuasive power. The band will be active in the summer of 2021.


  • MASSIVE STAGEa.m. 10:10 -

    Black petrol

    A "nerdy and hard" music group that reinterprets frontier music such as Contemporary JAZZ, Rare Groove, and Progressive Rock with a HIPHOP sensibility.
    The group was formed in the Kyoto music scene by members with high performance ability who were well versed in their respective genres while still in college.
    The coldness of asphalt and the warmth of human skin that leader Takaosoma experienced while living on the streets as a homeless person are incorporated into poetic raps by SOMAOTA, who is highly regarded in the HIPHOP scene as a bilingual rapper, and ONISAWA, who also works as a documentary writer. The result is a "realistic" yet highly sophisticated worldview.

  • MASSIVE STAGEa.m. 10:50 -


    おとなりにぎんが計画 is a four-piece band based in Nagoya, Japan.
    Hatsune (Gt.Vo) invited three people she thought would be the strongest to form a group, Norika Shimizu (Dr.), Miyu (Key), and Kaichi (Ba), and they started in February 2023.
    Their first live performance in Nagoya in May was sold out.

    You can't take your ears off the band's sound, which is filled with lyrics and lots of playful feelings that will help you find the omamori in your daily life.

    Music is a friend, music is a companion!
    We are a band, so we sing strongly! That's what it means to have a core.


  • MASSIVE STAGEa.m. 10:10 -

    Summer Whales

    Formed in July 2022, this two-piece indie rock band from Kyoto consists of Strawberry N (Vo&Gt) and Daiki (Ba).
    They released a single four months in a row soon after their formation, and in January of this year, they began performing live as a four-piece band.

  • MASSIVE STAGEa.m. 10:50 -


    Monsieur,Mademoiselle... was formed in 2019 after their favorite coffee shop "Mademoiselle".
    They are steadily expanding their name with their unique musicality characterized by classical and aggressive piano melodies.

    Based in Kansai to establish a new music scene with an unconventional style.



出れんの!?サマソニ!?(DERENNO !?SAMASONI !? / Audition for SUMMER SONIC)to the world!
This audition is a stepping stone to overseas expansion!

The artists who win the final audition will not only get the right to perform at "SUMMER SONIC 2023", but will also be selected for various music festivals and overseas events organized by Creative Man Productions, as well as support acts for overseas artists' performances in Japan. In addition, we will explore the possibility of an exclusive/agent contract with SPACE ODD MANAGEMENT, the management division of Creative Man Productions, to which artists such as Donguri Zu, MÖSHI, Doul, and Taiwan's ØZI belong, who are active beyond national borders.

And continuing on from last year, a management and label company Jisedai Inc.
within Sony Music, Inc. to which Creepy Nuts, CHAI, and Hitsujibungaku belong, will also participate in the audition and sign a nurturing contract for music activities in Japan and abroad.
In addition, eplus Inc. from the start of the first round of the project,出れんの!?サマソニ!?(DERENNO !?SAMASONI !? / Audition for SUMMER SONIC)has been involved in the SUMMER SONIC project since its inception, will utilize to support activities tailored to each artist's musical style.

With the passage of time, anyone can send their music to the world from anywhere to the world! "出れんの!?サマソニ!?(DERENNO !?SAMASONI !? / Audition for SUMMER SONIC)to the world!" is the slogan for us.
We are looking forward to discovering artists who can be active on the global stage!

We are looking forward to meeting you who will bring "SUMMER SONIC 2023" with great success together and play a key role in the music scene of the future.
Wish to be on a big stage. Wish to bring music to the world.
Whatever your reason may be, we are here to support you. We are looking forward to hearing from you so that we can provide the best support for each artist.